29 August 2013

Canyon Ferry 2013

We spent a great week at my family's cabin on Canyon Ferry Lake... it had been three years since we had gone so it was great to go back. Typically we go every summer but the past few years have been busy and we just didn't make it.

Since we had already made a trip to MT earlier this summer for my cousin's wedding, we decided we would fly this time (we drove in June). It was pretty great to just fly in and fly out and not deal with the 9+ hour drive. Having said that, Mara is TERRIBLE on airplanes so I think we will avoid flying with her again in the near future. :)

We spent the week with some great people! My little sister has made some great friends during her past few years of school and my mom has become good friends with their parents as a result. So it was fun to have the Brady and Lane-Delmage families join us as well! There were 17 of us total at our two bedroom, one bathroom cabin! Surprisingly, it worked really well as many people opted to pitch tents and everyone was very considerate not taking too long in the bathroom. What a fun week!

Rachael and her best bud, Tatum

Evening view of the lake and the fun water trampoline my mom rented for the kids...

We're starting her early... (JUST KIDDING)

the ladies of Canyon Ferry... me, Brynn, Alia and Renee ... we had SO much fun! 

Joe and Mac

Sweet and adorable Ryan... Rachael's other good buddy


Making his debut to the blog... my mom's boyfriend, Dave! Welcome Dave!! :)

One of the evenings, Sean and the girls and I drove in to visit my cousin Rachael, her husband Bob and their little girl Hailey. I did a photo session for them and we had a fun dinner together. If you want to view their family photos, head over to my Junebug Blog here. Here are a few more pics we got that evening...

I really enjoyed our week at the lake this year. We got little to no cell phone reception and it was heavenly. You forgot how wonderful it is to be truly disconnected. It allowed for quality time, lots of laughs and great memories made. This was also the first vacation in a couple of years where Sean was able to truly and fully relax which was AWESOME. The past few vacations we have taken, he was been very distracted with work stuff. It was really great to have him all to ourselves for the week. Already looking forward to our next Montana trip... my family is so lucky to have this wonderful place! 

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