29 August 2013

Pre-K... the UPS and the DOWNS.

Our girl started Pre-K this week! 
It feels like big kid school and she looks like a big kid going there so yes.... 
 I am a bit sad about my new... big kid. Sniff, sniff. 

But, we are moving onward and upward and c'mon, how stinkin' cute does she look in her uniform? 
On a side note, uniforms are fantastic. I bought four white shirts, one skirt, one dress, and a sweater.
That's it... that's all... for a whole school year! 

  Kennedy on her first day... looking fresh! And happy! 
....  and slightly constipated. 

After spending the past two years at a Co-Op preschool where the parents get to be a part of everything, it did feel strange to just send her off with her class and without me. 
I spent the morning wondering what she was doing, how she was feeling, etc. 

The first day went off without a hitch. She bravely followed her class (albeit biting her nails the whole way) and there were no tears. 

The second day, we were not so lucky. 
And today (the third day)... we were still not very lucky. 
By this I mean she had to be pulled off of me screaming and sobbing. Awesome. 
I walked down the hallway back to my car, for the second day in a row, with tears in my eyes listening to her cry in her classroom. But when I pick her up, she is happy as can be and they tell me she does great. Hoping this little phase of morning transition will pass quickly. For her sake ... and mine. 

P.s. the backpack is bigger than she is. 

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