05 August 2013

July Instagrams (and other phone pics)...

I am a sporadic Instagram user but I have been taking more and more photos with my phone.
In no particular order, here is an assortment of phone photos from July 2013!

Photos that actually made it to Instagram...
 Joint Coloring Session

 Cousin Popcorn/Movie night

 Silly girls in shades

 Having fun at grandma Linda's

 Mara at our neighborhood park

Lunch on the patio

Miscellaneous Photos that never did make it to Instagram :)

 Girls snoozing on our drive to Great Wolf Lodge 

 the girls pretending to have "babies in their tummies" (kennedy's idea) Oy.

 Kennedy and her new goggles 

 On a bike ride with daddy in our new bike trailer (craigslist purchase this summer)

 Dinner at U Village during cousin Erin's three week visit this summer

 Me with three of my favorite cousins in Coeur d'Alene... more to come on this trip later!

 Erin and the girls.. 

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