29 May 2015

Our Last Days with Two

I distinctly remember the days before Mara was born when I was soaking up lots of one on one time with Kennedy. In fact, I wrote this post about it. Kennedy and I spent lots of time together and I remember just staring at her and wondering what our new life with another baby would be like. 
This is funny to me now because it's really hard to imagine a time when Mara wasn't with us!
I find myself doing that again with both of the girls.
We have had four years with just these two girls so it will be weird (and of course,wonderful!) to add another one into the mix. I am so excited for our new family to begin! 
To document this special time before our new arrival, I snapped a few photos of the girls in our backyard. Freezing this brief moment in time! 

This is kind of an awkward photo but it makes me laugh because Cooper's head is SO BIG! 

27 May 2015

Tuesday Ballet Class

Mara and Mckenna started a ballet class together this spring on Tuesday afternoons. 
I am not really a "dance mom" but I have to admit, they look pretty darn cute in their outfits! 
Love these sweet cousins to pieces! 


I have taken Kennedy with me a couple of times to get pedicures.
She just loves it and I think it is so cute to see her sitting in the chair.
The place I go charges $6 for a kids pedicure - 
its a fun little treat she and I enjoy together!
Pretty sure her sister will find out sometime soon and then we're in trouble! ;)

38 Weeks with Baby Boy

Looking exactly how I feel these days - swollen, tired and OVER it.
I am very ready to meet this little guy. 
Two weeks and counting! 

These two pictures make me laugh. 
Each of the girls wanted to jump in a photo with me... please ignore the blurry, kid-directed, phone photos! :)

Mara has gone with me to the majority of my OB monthly/weekly check-ups ... she has gotten to know the staff and loves to score candy after each appointment. :)

Kindergarten Days

I have had a great time volunteering in Kennedy's kindergarten class this year. 
I couldn't be more impressed with her teacher and classroom! 
She has had such an awesome year, I am sad it is coming to a close! 

May Crowning

Kennedy's kindergarten class participated in the May Crowning of Mary at the beginning of this month at church. It was the cutest, sweetest ceremony ever. Kennedy read a little prayer and did a great job. All of her classmates carried flowers in and with the help of their 8th grade buddies, put on a great service!  We were so proud of our sweet girl!!