04 January 2013

The Extravaganza that is Christmas... 2012 Version

I like to refer to our Christmases as the "3-day extravaganza." 
Because it is. It is full of family, food, presents and a whole lot of love. 
Sean and I are both huge lovers of Christmas and we are working hard to instill that love into our girls. 
As I am posting these photos, I realize how many details I forgot. 
I forgot to photograph the outside of our house in all of its Christmas Light (ahem.. Griswold glory). 
I forgot to photograph the girls with their "loot" on Christmas morning. 
I forgot to photograph Sienna, our elf on the shelf and all of the fun places she moved around our house.
I even forgot to photography our tree, gosh darnit! 

OH WELL... here are all the wonderful moments I DID photograph. 
Enjoy. We definitely did. 
Merry Christmas ... until next year. 

Christmas Eve... getting ready to head to Mass and then dinner at my mom's. 
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas Eve Mass. 
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Christmas morning! 
Kennedy and Mara got a brand-new pink, retro kitchen to share. 
Pretty sure I was more excited than they were.
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Christmas Day evening dinner at Sean's dad and step mom's house. 
Lots of kids. lots of adults, lots of food, lots 'o fun! 
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 And last but definitely not least... our day-after celebration with Sean's mom 
and that side of the family. 
Usually we drive up to Camano Island but this year Linda and the girls came down and we celebrated at Amy and Harv's. Unfortunately, David and Heather and family were not able to join us. And Harv was sick, so he spent most of the night upstairs in bed. Bummer! It was still a nice celebration though and a great way to wrap up our busy three days! 
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