27 June 2010

Heidi's Baby Shower

I had a great time attending Heidi's baby shower today! My best bud is due to have her little girl, Payton, mid-August! Doesn't she look amazing for being close to 8 months pregnant? Heidi's sisters threw the shower and came up with a great game that I had never played at a baby shower. We were each given a baby bottle with apple juice in it. Whoevever drank the juice fastest won a prize! It was super cute and something different for a baby shower. I am so excited to meet this sweet baby. Heidi and Brian are going to be fantastic parents. Congrats you two!

the soon-to-be parents
a few of the girls
The baby bottle game... flashbacks to my college days
(only back then it wasn't apple juice and it wasn't out of a baby bottle) :)
Heidi with her sisters and niece
Heidi and Sarah
Amy and I
Heidi and Rachael (the present helper)

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