30 January 2010

Poor Roderick

Every week, the Harvies and grandma LeeAnn come over for dinner and American Idol. Last week, Amy forgot Roderick's pajamas soooo he had to wear a pair of Kennedy's! Yep, thats right. He wore a pair of pink dinosaur pajamas. It didn't really phase him, probably because he has had to endure many pink objects at our house... the pink bouncy seat, pink activity jumper, pink bumbo...
he has even had to wear a few pink bibs at our house.
Poor little man!
Needless to say, we got quite a kick out of this cute little guy in girl pj's. More importantly, this photo will work as a great piece of bribery someday. :) We love Squeaks!


Amy said...

LOL!!! I just saw this! Harv can't believe you put this on the blog. I think it is funny. You are so right, you can use it to bribe him one day. I have to say, I think he looks cute in ANYTHING he wears... even pink. Only a mom would say that huh? Thanks for posting. I will blog about my day today with both kids soon. You know it takes me SO long to upload the pictures on our out of date computer. I think its about time for a new one. :-)

Prita said...

He IS cute in anything!! I agree! :)