22 March 2013

Little Gymnast

Kennedy started taking a weekly gymnastics class a couple of months ago and she LOVE, LOVE, LOVES it. It is super fun to watch her... I get a big kick out of her bony little white bod in her leotard, too :) 

Her teacher says she is a "bar monkey" which I take as a good sign.
For being so petite, she sure is powerful. She leaps straight into the air and grabs that darn bar every time.

But don't kid yourself... this is not all about skill... this is social hour too.
Her preschool buddy, Leighton, is also in her class and they have a grand 'ole time playing and visiting through the entire class. More than once, Ms. Tammy has had to tell them to stop talking.
Yes, she is her mother's daughter and appreciates a good social hour! :)


clare mckenna said...

Love Kennedy's face in picture #4

Amber said...

Hi! Thanks for the blog comment the other day... it's nice to be reminded that I'm not alone in this little journey to stay-at-home mom! I also wanted to say that these are GREAT gym pictures. What a tough place to take pictures, but the white balance looks awesome! Kennedy looks so adorable in this post too :))