17 April 2013

Easter 2013

I am behind on blogging! Yikes! ;)

We had a really great Easter this year.
Easter is always one of my favorite holidays... even if the weather is bad, there always seems to be a "fresh, springy" feel to this great holiday.
And this year, we lucked out with AMAZING weather... seriously, it felt like summer!

We spent part of the day in Mt. Vernon at my Aunt Jeanie's house (this is our third or fourth year going there.. she and Uncle Ray host such a wonderful dinner and Easter egg hunt!). We didn't stay for dinner this year as we left a little early to head down to Camano Island to be with Sean's mom's side of the family. It was equally as fun and great to see the girls with their friends and cousins at that celebration, too!

Photos from our fun day...

Easter baskets (and a lot of bedhead!)

Porch photos before our road trip!

Mara... don't look so excited. 

Fun at Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ray's!


We roll in style... Easter egg hunting with target bags! 

And more fun at Grandma Linda's!

How awesome is this little tractor?!?!

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