17 April 2013


We spent a fantastic week in Scottsdale with the Harvie family and grandma LeeAnn!
Sean's grandma has a house there and after three years of not being able to go visit (for various reasons), we decided this was our year to pack up the girls and head on down! Aunt Martha and her two youngest kiddos joined us for a few days as well.

We had a great time "relaxing" by the pool... and by relaxing, I mean nervously making sure none of the kids fell in and drowned (gone are the days of sunning with a good book!) :)

We went to the awesome train park and to Rawhide, the little western town.
We also went to a really fun country-western restaurant that had a huge slide in it for the kids to enjoy (which they did!). I would love to share photos of all of these fun outings but in an unfortunate turn of events, I lost my small point and shoot camera that contained all of these photos! Cue: HUGE SIGH. Somehow the camera did not make it from the house to the airport... I think it fell out in our rental car. I am in the process of trying to track it down with the rental car company but it isn't looking good. SUCH a bummer... you know how I love photos!

Fortunately, I also brought along my nice camera and though I didn't get it out much, I do have a handful of photos to share from the backyard and around the house...

Mara pretending her paper plate is a cell phone... oh boy... gotta love the new generation :)

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Amy said...

I LOVE THESE!!!!!!! I have some more that I will add to mine. DARN LOST CAMERA. But you still got some great shots!!!! XOXO