24 April 2013

A Glimpse

Every so often, I will take a photo of one of the girls and something about that particular photo will just propel me into the future as if I am getting a glimpse of what she will look like at an older age. I definitely got that feeling with Kennedy in this photo. Somehow, she flashed before my eyes as a young woman... maybe it is the crossed legs or the uncombed, flowing hair. Either way, it filled me with a whole lot of love and made me feel so excited to watch this little girl grow into a special young lady.

The girls were "in the mood" to let me photograph them a few days ago. It was so beautiful outside and I just love, love, love these images. I sent the first two off today to be printed as 11x14's. Now I have to figure out where to put them in our house! :)

These two really do love each other so much. The bond between sisters is truly special which is why I converted all of these into black and whites... classic and timeless.


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