08 March 2013


Mara hasn't gotten much "blog time" lately as big sis as been hogging it all. :)
But don't worry... this little bug gets plenty of our attention.

At 20 months, Mara is super energetic... super funny... and often reminds me of a "class clown."
I mean... who knew food could be so entertaining?

 She loves her Friday morning TOT class... particularly the painting.

When she wears her pigtails, we think she looks like Boo from the movie Monsters, Inc.
The only difference:  she has big baby blues versus big baby browns. :)

Love my boo.

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clare mckenna said...

That is so funny how you posted a picture of boo. Mara really looks like her with the pigtails. When I was little I was called Boo too and I had brown eyes :)