26 February 2013

Dear Kennedy... On your 4th Birthday

Dear Kennedy,
Didn't I just sit down to write your third birthday letter? And your 2nd? I swear you just turned one yesterday. Time is going a tad too fast for my liking, my little lady. You are growing, growing, growing.... changing, changing, changing.

My little toddler-girl is now a little girl through and through.
I always say you are the 3 S's... spunky, sassy and oh so sweet.
You have a heart of gold and you already have so much empathy for other people. It makes me proud to watch you form friendships and true, caring feelings for the people around you.

This past year... our third year with you was full of ... well, to put it lightly... e.m.o.t.i.o.n.
That is how I would describe the 3's... EMOTIONAL. Quite frankly... at times, they resembled what I envision the thirteenth year to be! One moment you are happy, content and the next you are just so frustrated and ticked off with whatever you are doing. Getting dressed, brushing teeth, living LIFE can all, at any moment, become a major crisis full of.... ahem.... emotion.

But in between these little meltdowns and shrieks of "mom, I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!," is this lovely little girl who is so much fun to be around. You became a true little person this year... with true questions... true opinions... true statements. And that laugh... amazing.

Just a quick list of the questions you may throw out on any given day and they always start with... Mom.

"Mom, why do babies grow in bellies?"
"Mom... I am the little boss, Mara is the littlest boss, Daddy is the big boss and you are the biggest boss." (Yes, honey... you are so right). :):):)
"Mom, are you Mara's mom, too?"
"Mom... I have lots of friends.... Roderick, Leighton, Sienna, Payton, Abbey. But Roderick is my best friend. After Mara."

And two of my favorites:
ME: "Kennedy, please pick up your toys in the playroom."
K: "Mom, I am a princess... princesses don't clean."
Feel free to imagine my response here: ________________________________.

ME: "Kennedy, how old are you going to be on your birthday?"

This past year brought about some big milestones: you became fully, without a doubt potty trained day and night (about a month after you turned three). You don't take afternoon naps anymore. You no longer have your pacifier. You can entirely dress yourself now. You buckle your own car seat. You take gymnastics class and swing like a monkey from the bar and walk backwards on the balance beam. You bite your nails.

You are growing up my darling girl... leaving behind old attachments, gaining new ones (and even a few bad ones, hence, the nail biting!). All of these changes are exciting and necessary and validation that you are on the path to eventually flying out of this nest (someday... many, many years from now thank goodness!) but my oh my... how shockingly fast they have come. From a baby to a girl, just like that. 

You are in the process of learning your letters and I am just ridiculously proud of the fact that you can write your name now. As a lover of reading and writing, this is pretty cool for me to watch. Preschool has been such a fun experience for you (and me!). It has been so fun watching you learn. Your desire and interest in learning is inspiring. You favorite shows include: Super Why, Caillou and the Berenstein Bears. You love, love, love imaginary play... dress-up, store, house, etc. It is hilarious to listen to you dialogue with yourself or your friends when you play these games.

At your four year old check up, you weighed 29 lbs and are still in the 5th-10th percentile for both height and weight. Still our petite little gal! You passed your vision and hearing tests with flying colors and you appropriately "hammed" it up for your pediatrician who got a big kick out of you. You were brave and strong during your two vaccinations and once again, I was just so proud of you. I found myself feeling just enormously blessed during this Dr. appointment... we are just so darn lucky to have healthy, happy you.

Your baby sister is lucky to have you as well. You rock it as a big sister. Honestly, watching you the two of you become best buddies is one of the greatest joys of my life. Whether we are at the YMCA gym or at Mom's Day Out, you always, always look out for her and take care of her. I know you always will because I can already tell, that is the kind of person you are.

Lately, you are a mama's girl. Your daddy isn't loving this too much but for now, I am enjoying it. :)
You and I are buds... we love to color and read together.
And we do our fair share of laughing, too...

Simply put... I enjoy you so much.
The past four years have changed and made my life.

Thanks for being mine. Thanks for being you.
It is an honor being your mama.

Love you, bug.


clare mckenna said...

This is to cute! I LOVE Kennedy :-)

clare mckenna said...

Awww these pictures are so precious. I LOVE Kennedy :-)