12 February 2013

Party for a Princess

Amazingly enough, Kennedy turned four this past Sunday!
We celebrated in style with a princess dress-up party.
Playing dress-up is a major form of entertainment for our girl and she has acquired quite the assortment of dress-up clothes so it seemed only fitting for a dress-up tea party to be how we celebrated.

I came to the realization this year that having family AND friends at her birthday isn't going to be feasible any longer as we have too much family. It has to be either friends or family. Kennedy has upwards of ten first cousins (all within her age range) and three aunties that are only a few years older than her. Crazy, huh? So this year we decided to stick with just family which still ended up being twenty adults and fourteen kids. Yowzas!

I owe my girl a letter for her fourth birthday... I will be back with that later this week.

In the meantime, here are some party pics!

All ready for the party! 

Auntie Rach helping set-up... isn't she getting big?? 

Rach helped me out with a few photos too ... 

Mckenna with grandma Linda

Auntie Amy and cousin Moraiya

Best friends that love your kids is pretty great. 

Little grin during the birthday song... 

And then a little embarrassed during the birthday song... 
 Hmm... to eat or not to eat ?

I think I'll eat. 

Mom and Aunt Jeanie with their wine. 
That's right... we like to drink at our kids' birthday parties... 

Cousins Robert and Roman
Heidi and little sweetie, Alivia 

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