20 February 2013

Kennedy's Special Preschool Day

All the students in Kennedy's preschool class get a "special day."
It usually scheduled on or near their birthday. We celebrated Kennedy's special day at school, yesterday.

It was just stinkin' cute. That's really the best way to describe it.
Her fantastic (and I mean fantastic) teacher Ms. Rona, made her a special crown to wear and gave her a special necklace. All of the kids in her class colored her a special picture which was assembled into a book. And, she got to share her favorite book with the class.

For a four year old... it was a pretty perfect school day.
Hell... it was pretty perfect for a grown-up too.

The kids are learning about Michaelangelo (spelling??) so they got to paint their own painting underneath the table :)

Each of her classmates came up and gave her a high-five or a hug.
It was ridiculously CUTE!!

These two just love each other. LOVE EACHOTHER.
I hope they will always be such great buddies.

 Sharing her book with the class...

We have registered Kennedy for Pre-K next year at the same school she will attend Kindergarten.
This means that this is her last year at our little co-op preschool.
I am so grateful to this place for giving her such a lovely start to her school years.

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