10 April 2016

Easter Fun - 2016.

We spent a super fun Easter Sunday in Bellingham at my cousin Pat's house! We hadn't ever visited their home so it was a lot of fun to see where they lived (gorgeous!) and only secured our long standing love of Bellingham. Pat and Shelley hosted a great dinner and Easter egg hunt which everyone loved!

I have quite a posse of relatives in Washington now as several of my cousins have moved out here (from Montana) in the past few years. And we are about to gain a couple more as Reed and Lisi are moving back to Seattle this summer! I love that my girls are getting the cousin experience on my side of the family too.

Our Easter weekend began some Easter egg dyeing. The girls had a lot of fun experimenting with the colors and glitter (oy!). Easter Sunday began with early morning Easter baskets of course and then we were in the car by 10 am for the drive to Bellingham. It was a long day but a great day!

Kennedy colored this great picture at school... I just loved it. She told me the rainbow was for Lexie. I love that she never forgets her because I don't either.
Easter morning

Annual Porch Pics and our first Easter with baby boy. 

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