15 March 2016

Miss Mara

Mara is heading towards five years old which blows my mind a bit. She had her Pre-K testing last week. We have decided not to send her to full-day Kindergarten in the fall and though I doubt this decision a bit, I mostly feel really good about it. She's my shy girl (in the classroom, definitely not at home). She's a very quiet observer in the classroom setting. My gut feeling is that she could use an extra year to gain some confidence and as a teacher, I know that an extra year can often give kids a huge "leg-up." So she will do five day half day Pre-K in the fall which she is so excited about. 

Love these pics I snapped of her at the park a few weeks ago (on one of our rare sunny days). 

Mara loves doing ABC mouse.  
 No cavities!  
 Valentines Day Party at St Lukes Preschool  

 What I often see through my rear view mirror. 
I am pretty lucky. 

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