15 March 2016

Aiden | Nine Months Old

Nine months in, nine months out! 
The latter nine months always goes so much faster, doesn't it? 

Aiden had a great nine-month check up despite the fact that he had a double ear infection and nasty cough. He ended up on his second round of antibiotics and has thankfully, finally kicked it. Hoping for a sickness free spring around here! 

Aiden weighed in at 16.10 lbs (10th percentile) and is 40th percentile for height. Dr. Ory said he is slightly underweight which makes me laugh because he has ginormous cheeks and man boobs. 

This guy is loving solid foods - crackers, scrambled eggs, bananas (his fav!), noodles and avocados. 
He is cutting his bottom two teeth (officially my earliest yet still late teether!). His oldest sis is also cutting two permanent teeth so we have two teethers in the house which Kennedy thinks is hilarious. 

In the past couple of weeks Aiden has learned to get up on all fours and can stand for quite some time unassisted. He's SO close to crawling and I swear he may be an early walker (but I say a nightly prayer that this won't be true!). 

He is just plain happy and so much fun. He's verbal and smiley and snuggly and such an unbelievable joy to our family. 

He often makes me teary because he means so much to me for so many different reasons. 
Love you my mister-head.

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