25 February 2016

Celebrating 34!

I am always blown away at how fast my kids are growing and how fast time goes so it isn't surprising that I am kind of blown away that I turned 34 this month! Good God... THIRTY FOUR?!?!. I swear I was just 18 and headed to college! Of course, I know that 34 is actually very young and truthfully, I have really loved my 30's so I am very content at this age.

My 30's brought a heartbreaking and life-changing loss in my own life.
They also brought loss for several dear friends of mine. And I swear, I am just constantly hearing of sadness in so many people's lives. So as I welcomed 34, I really just felt.... grateful. And thankful. And honored to be living a healthy life surrounded by a whole lot of love. Because really... what else is there to really want or need for? Not a dang thing. 

We made the long trek up to... wait for it, wait for it...  BELLEVUE for a fun night out with some of my very best friends! We used the excuse of it being to celebrate mine and Margaret's birthday but really... it was a great excuse for a parents night out (which is somewhat like releasing caged animals!). NO really.

In our short afternoon/night away we squeezed in ping-pong and afternoon beers, bowling, dinner, dancing, and A LOT of laughing. Then we all met up for breakfast the next morning (after Heidi and Brian "grounded" themselves in the swimming pool) where we ate a ridiculous amount of food and laughed some more. Love these friends of mine, I really do.

We've made some big plans for 2016. Big plans. So stay tuned. ;)

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