18 February 2016

Aiden | 8 Months Old

Much to my dismay, he's EIGHT MONTHS OLD.
I won't be repetitive and dwell on how fast it's going but gosh... it's going really fast.

Aiden Sean at 8 months old:
- He's getting mobile! Lots and lots of rolling and a little "up on all fours" action (I resisted the urge to knock him down when I saw this... I'm not super excited for the crawling phase!).
- All this mobility has earned him lots of time in the play pen (the first time I have ever consistently used one with one of my babies. What a beautiful invention!).
- Eating and loving solids - favorites include fruits, squash, sweet potatoes. Recently started some finger foods - bananas, avocados and the ever-popular puffs. 
- Aiden is a chatty kathy (another thing he has in common with his oldest sister). He's constantly babbling and even pretty consistently and clearly babbling "ma-ma" and "da-da."
- Waking 1-2x per night (sigh....).
- Has had the LONGEST cough and cold ever. It doesn't really get any worse, it has just been lingering for weeks.
- Happy, happy boy who loves to be outside and go for walks and as of late, swinging!
 An extremely accurate visual depiction of his and Mara's relationship:
And some visual documentation of Kennedy's recent fixation with the peace sign:
Big sis has a pretty special relationship with her little brother - she just downright adores him. 
Some other recent favorite photos (mostly from my phone):

And oh yeah, ...  He loves his mama.

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