17 February 2016

Aiden's Baptism

We had Aiden baptized at St. Vincents on January 24th (at 7 months old). 
The girls were both exactly a year at their baptisms so I beat my record a bit! 

It was a really special day and we were blessed to be surrounded by lots of family! 
We also love the St. Vincents community! 
We asked my cousin, Pat and his wonderful wife Shelley to be Aiden's godparents. It was an easy decision for us - they are a wonderful couple and have three amazing daughters. Definitely a family we look up to. They drove all the way down from Bellingham for Aiden's special day. 

Upon searching for a BOY baptism outfit, I discovered they are all very old-fashioned (think 1923). Fortunately, I came across this darling little oufit on Etsy and it was just perfect. 
 Aiden with Papa, grandma Nay and Great-Grandma LeeAnn! Pretty special.  

Three generations of McKenna men. It's weird how there's no family resemblance. ;)
Amy tried so hard to get some photos for us but for some reason some of the pictures from her camera looked kind of warped. Oh well, better than nothing! Thank you for trying Amy!! 

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