19 January 2016

Aiden | 7 Months Old

Oh this boy. He's growing and changing WAY too fast on us. 
But he's a precious, amazing JOY in our house so I am okay with it! 

Things to remember about this sweet boy at 7 months old: 
- THAT smile. 
- THOSE cheeks. 
- Still NO teeth (he's for sure our child)
- Sitting un-assisted 
- Eating solid foods 2-3x per day 
- NOT sleeping through the night 
- Very verbal and noisy 
- Easy going and happy, happy, happy

I refuse to let him be our least photographed child just because he is the youngest so he is probably over-photographed (which is just an overall problem in our house!). Here are some favorite photos from the past month or so! 

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