14 January 2016

Birthday Party Fun

Kennedy's friend Stella had a swimming birthday party the week before Christmas. It was kind of a mom-daughter party which was a lot of fun. I got a babysitter for Mara and Aiden and Kennedy and I drove up to Bellevue early and spent some time together. We walked around a bit, got hot chocolate and then met up with everyone at the hotel pool. After the girls swam and ate dinner, we got to watch the Snowflake Lane parade from the hotel deck. So fun! It made me realize that I need to make one-on-one dates with my kids more of a priority. Kennedy was absolutely thrilled to have me all to herself for the afternoon which just doesn't happen all that often these days. I know there will probably be a time (cringe) when I am not nearly as "cool" in her eyes  so I really need to cherish this time with her!

Love this sweet, beautiful, sassy, smart, overly dramatic girl of mine!

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