17 February 2016

Christmas 2015

This post is so late! Keeping up on this blog is becoming difficult and truthfully, I am not sure how much longer I will keep it up but I am trying to stick with it for now as I do love looking back on all our photos. 
So here we go... 

Christmas 2015 was wonderful. 
It was Aiden's first Christmas. 
It was Cooper's first Christmas (with us).
It was the year of our perfect Christmas tree. 
It was the year Mara had a large rugburn on her forehead (long story).
 It was the year I ordered all of our gifts off of Amazon. 
It was the year I did NO Christmas baking. 
It was the year we did Operation Christmas Child (so cool). 
It was the year nobody cried in our Santa photo (wait until next year). 
It was the year we celebrated Christmas four times (wait... that's every year). 

It was a truly a GREAT Christmas. 

Annual Christmas Eve photos at my mom's (post Christmas Eve Mass)... 

Christmas Morning Photos (and our annual Christmas morning brunch!)...

 Christmas Day Evening (with the McKenna side)...

Our fourth Christmas was celebrated on the 26th at Sean's mom's on Camano Island. I did not do a good job of documenting so I will have to wait and add the photos Amy took!

And that's a wrap (pun intended!).

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Kate said...

Don't stop blogging -- I love your posts!