10 April 2016

Arizona 2016!

We enjoyed an amazing five day trip to Arizona at the beginning of April! 
We had so much fun with the Harvie Family, grandma, Blake and Clare! 

The kids lived in the pool. 
Aiden lived in the play pen. 
I lived in a shaded lawn chair with my book. 
Sean and Amy attempted to get a tan (mostly they just got red). 
Harv did some pool-side tricep dips. And ran 5 miles every morning. 
The rest of us talked about how we should go workout.
Grandma searched for her lost wedding rings. 
Blake found the rings and secured his spot as favorite grandchild. 
Oh yeah and he made us delicious meals and fresh-squeeze orange juice every day. 
Have we mentioned how much we love Blake? 

And I can't forget Clare. 
The best cousin/babysitter/photographer around. We love our Clare B Dooo!!!! 

In between all these activities we squeezed in a fun trip to Rawhide (burrow ride, anyone?) 
and the ever-wonderful train park. 

Thanks for another great year and priceless memories, Arizona!!! 

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1 comment:

Amy said...

OMG! I am DYING laughing at this post
- Harv ran 5 miles everyday and the rest of us talked about it.
SUCH a fun trip!
Now if I could update my blog….