29 November 2009

Thanksgiving Hustle & Bustle

As with every holiday, we did the Sean-Prita (and now Kennedy too) hustle! We are blessed to have a lot of family in the area and we enjoy seeing lots of them so we generally do a lot of driving and bustling from place to place whenever a holiday arrives. We spent Thanksgiving on Camano Island (it took us 3 1/2 hours to get there due to a bad car accident on I-5)... had it been any other day, we probably would have turned around and gone home but since it was Thanksgiving, we carried on! It was worth it as we had a great time celebrating turkey day at Grandpa Aldo's house. It was a nice way to remember him.
above: Kennedy with her cousins (Tyler, Hailey, Roderick) and auntie Jessica
Sean's sister Sarah and brother David Kennedy and I relaxing after eating too much :) We celebrated all the November birthdays on Thanksgiving including Hailey's 3rd birthday (our goddaughter and niece)...

The day after Thanksgiving, we caught the ferry to Anderson Island to spend more time with family. We love Anderson Island! It is relaxing and beautiful.
Here are a few photos from our weekend including the one below of my handsome husband :)

Kennedy spending time with great-aunt Kim and her dog Duke... as it turns out, Kennedy loves animals, particularly dogs! She lights up like a Christmas tree whenever a dog is around... big or small, she loves them all! Bummer for Sean who swears we will never own another dog... hope Kennedy never brings home a stray and looks up at him with those big blue eyes... :) Kennedy with cousins Maddy and Blake

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