10 October 2010

20 Months

Today our girl is 20 months old! We continue to enjoy her as much as we have since day one. One of my favorite things about life is the unexpected surprises (and gifts) we are given. Kennedy has absolutely been the greatest surprise and gift we could have ever received. I think back to my life before her and it makes me laugh to think that I had absolutely no idea that this little girl, this special little soul would someday be mine. Yes, I knew I would have children but I didn't know I would have her. I am thankful everyday that I get to be the mother to this happy, healthy, precious baby.

On a less sentimental-note, here are a few updates about Miss Kennedy Renee:

Growth: She hasn't been to the doctor since her 18 month appointment but I will guess and say she is about 21 lbs now. Her feet are still tiny but are slowly catching up. She is wearing mostly size 5 shoes now. She wears mostly 18 month clothing but is still in 12 month jeans because her little waist is so small. She is our little peanut! Her hair is growing rapidly- I can't believe how long it has gotten in just the past month or two. It is almost past her shoulders with quite a bit of curl and everyone comments on what a beautiful color it is. :)

Eating Habits: With four molars working their way in, her eating habits have not been as great this past month. Her favorites are still fruits and vegetables... she will choose them over a french fry anytime (which I LOVE!). Veggie dogs, pasta, beans, rice, grapes, strawberries, scrambled eggs and pancakes are major "favs" right now.

Sleeping Habits: Kennedy consistently sleeps from 8 pm until 7-7:30 am. She is officially down to one nap a day (which lasts anywhere from 1.5-3 hours).

Personality: Kennedy continues to be a little sweetheart! Having said that, she's got a pretty strong streak of "spunk." She is not shy about her "opinions" and has no problem expressing them! She is a snuggle bug though and my favorite part of the day continues to be reading stories and snuggling in the glider chair before bedtime.

Friends: She gets along really well with other kids and she loves spending time with her friends Will and Madelynne on the days I work. Cousin Roderick is her best little buddy and of course, Auntie Rachael is her hero. She tries to copy everything Rachael does :)

Language: Kennedy continues to be very vocal with constant babbling. We have not seen a huge increase in actual language and vocabulary over the past two months. We continue to spend a lot of time reading and she is able to point out things in books (example: Where is the kitty? Where is the baby?). She understands virtually everything we say or ask her to do- she seems to be just on the verge of all-out talking but isn't quite there yet. Words she does say include: mommy, dada, kitty, baby, ba-ba, shoe, all done, no, yeah, nigh-nigh, hi, and bye-bye. She is blowing kisses and can sign the words "more," "please" and "milk."

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