06 March 2010


Mom and Becky have been best friends for over 35 years! These are two great ladies. When my mom was in college... raising me... all by herself... guess who lived with her and took opposite classes so I didn't have to go to daycare? Becky. They have been friends since the fourth grade. It is so rare to find a friendship that lasts that long. Aunt Becky has always been a constant in my life as well. Last month, the two of them met in Santa Barbara for a girls weekend. If I were to make a list of the most influential women in my life, these two would be at the very top.


The HiLine said...

Hi Prita. I've never met you but I can say I've known Becky and your mom for well over 30 years. And, they haven't changed a bit - maybe just a little bit nerdier but, hey, everyone from Shelby is kinda nerdy.

Nice blog and even nicer pictures.

Prita said...

Thanks! Who are you?