23 April 2011

30 Weeks (7 1/2 Months)

This weekend marks the beginning of my 30th week of pregnancy which puts me at about 7 1/2 months! The next two months will fly by as we move into our new house and I wrap up the school year. This pregnancy has continued to be a great one although I am starting to feel myself slow down a bit, particularly in the evenings. The backaches and mild heartburn don't help either! Still, I can't complain and I continue to be so excited to meet this little one. 


Kate said...

Wait -- did your due date change?! I see by the ultrasound picture on the right that you're due in June 2011 instead of July! You look great, as always!

Prita said...

Lol! No! That is me being optomistic that she will be born in June. :)