07 June 2011

Little Monkey at Little Gym

We have been taking Kennedy to little gym since last fall and with only two weeks left before she is finished, I thought I would post a few photos of her showing of her tricks. Little gym has been so great for her and she has learned a lot. It has been a fun Saturday morning activity for Sean and I to do with her!

Last week, they had a climbing wall up which was a huge hit! Kennedy LOVES to climb on everything so she was in heaven!

When she first started little gym, her little hands could not even hold onto the bar. Now, she can dangle and pull herself up!
Her usual "position" during bubble-time... ever since the class when they told the kids to pop the bubbles on with their bellies, she has taken this position . :)
And, arguably the best part of Little Gym class- stamps at the end!

Next up... swimming lessons! Sean is going to start taking her to Saturday morning swim lessons beginning the end of June. I think it will be a nice one-on-one activity for them especially once the new baby arrives! 

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