26 October 2011

Pumpkin Carving 2011

The other day I texted my mom ... this was our "conversation"... 

ME: "Do you and Rachael want to come over and carve pumpkins?"
MOM: "OMG- I hate pumpkin carving. Rachael already did one with her dad."
ME: "Debbie Downer."

I should have known my mom didn't like pumpkin carving because I literally have no childhood memories of pumpkin carving which leads us to the question.... Who did I carve pumpkins with?

Every year, I get excited to carve pumpkins and every year after it is over, I try to remember why I was excited to do so. It's messy, it's slimy and my carving designs always look like crap. So this year I reflected back on that text message conversation and realized... my mom is right... pumpkin carving kind of sucks. Now I am the Debbie Downer (p.s. if you don't know who Debbie Downer is... YouTube old episodes of SNL with her in the skits... they are dang funny).

Aside from the mess, our night of pumpkin carving was fun... we ate a yummy dinner and it was fun to watch the kiddos enjoy the pumpkin experience. But.... pumpkin carving 2011 is officially OVER. Sigh....

I know, I know... how do you not like pumpkin carving when your daughter smiles like this???

Mara LeeAnn with her great grandma LeeAnn...

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Little Miss Clare said...

haha! that is so funny:) i carved pumkins with amy when roderick was 1he was so scared!