15 April 2012

Five Years.

Five years of marriage baby! 
That is worth celebrating. And that we did. 
We ate and drank our way through Cannon Beach on our romantic getaway weekend. 
Pretty sure I gained 10 lbs but it was well worth it.

We drank wine... ate... slept in... drank wine... ate.... took naps... walked the beach... drank wine.... ate... walked the beach.... took a nap.... drank wine.... 
You get the point. It was fabulous. 

And this guy I married is fabulous too. 
Simply put... he rocks. 

Thanks for being my partner in crime.
You have far exceeded my expectations of what a husband could be.
And our little ladies are the luckiest two in the world to have you as their daddy. 
Pretty sure I love you even more than I did five years ago...
and that means, we're doing pretty good with this marriage thing. 
May the next five be as bomb-diggity as the first five. 


Kim Allgood said...

Sean is one of the great ones! I know I will say the same to him about you and seeing this makes me so excited to meet you someday. Congratulations on 5 years- hope they keep getting better!

P.S. The photos are gorgeous!

Kim Allgood said...

Sean is one of the great ones. Looking through these photos, I am so happy for you both and really looking forward to meeting you.

Congratulations on 5 years and 2 gorgeous girls. I can totally see 4 in your future! :-)

Kim Allgood said...

sorry if I have left an excessive number of comments. It was accidental. I just kept pressing send and then it would give me new words to unscramble. So I would unscramble and send again- I thought I was typing them wrong. Forgive me! ;-)

by the way, you are adorable!