24 May 2012

Oh, These Girls

Since our return from Europe one week ago, I have been soaking up these little girls of mine.
After being gone for eight entire days... I just can't get enough of them.

We spent last Sunday at the Seattle Aquarium. It was the kick-off to our new resolution to dedicate one Sunday each month to our family. I have labeled them Sunday Fundays (much different than the Sunday Fundays of college, I might add). On the Sunday Funday list for this summer: visit the Pacific Science Center, go hiking, take a day trip to Vashon Island, and have a picnic in the park.

Sean works 12-hour days and our weekends are often filled with friends and family but I am finding there isn't a ton of time for just our family. And we need to make time.

Kennedy has a new infatuation with Pater-Pillars (a.k.a caterpillars). 
I find myself talking about caterpillars a lot just to hear her pronounce it as pater-pillars.
It is so cute and I am documenting it right now so that I don't forget in a few years. 

Kennedy and Mara are playing together more often these days. Kennedy asks me to bring Mara into the playroom multiple times a day and they putter around in there together. Putter is probably not an accurate word for Mara these days as she is motoring  around at a quick pace. No, she is not walking and no, she is not crawling. Not the typical crawl anyways. It is more of a butt-hop but hey, it works. She is just about the happiest baby I have ever been around. I don't hear a peep out of her unless she is hungry or tired. But I will say this... she is oh. so. curious.  About... everything. God help us when she starts walking. 

Kennedy is loving tea-parties... and I love having them with her.

Our time away gave me a little rest and reprieve.
And Sean and I had a great time together without our kiddos.
But the truth is... we have a great time together with our kiddos and we are pretty happy to be home.

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