28 July 2012

Mara at 13 Months

I am about a month late on this post but better late than never, right?
And really... thirteen months is just the completion of a full twelve months!

At Mara's one year appointment, she weighed 17 lbs, 12 oz. (6th percentile) and was in the 25th percentile for height (forgot to right the exact length down!).

A few other details:
- Mara has three official teeth and three more have just broken through!
- She mostly sleeps through the night (bedtime is 7 pm). Will wake up once or twice a week for an early (4 am) bottle.
- Yes, she still has her bottle.
- We are officially done with formula and she loves her whole milk.
- She is an eating machine! She loves fruit, pasta, avocado, peas, green beans, ham, turkey and yogurt.
- Mara can stand for several minutes and will take a step or two but is not walking yet.
- Having said that, this girl is BUSY! And she is a climber. On a daily basis, I find her standing on top of chairs, stools, etc. She can climb all the way to the top of our backyard slide!
- She babbles quite a bit ...no real words yet.
- She is a happy, happy baby! People comment all the time on how smiley she is.

We love you to pieces, sweet Mara. X0X0

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