14 October 2013

Mara Girl

Mara was in the mood for a few photos the other day so I took advantage!
What a little sweetheart she is at this age.
The feisty 2's have definitely not hit her yet... Of our two girls, she tends to be the more laid-back one. Not only does she look like me, but her personality mirrors mine as well. As we know, Kennedy looks more like her daddy and has many of his personality traits, as well. This makes me happy as I know from personal experience that the two personalities work very well together so I know Kennedy and Mara truly will be "soul sisters."

Mara and I spend a lot of one-on-one time together these days as big sis is in Pre-K three mornings a week. We sure do miss her while she is gone though - we are always so excited to pick her up!

Feelin' sassy in her new "big girl" boots.

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