16 April 2014

Tulip Town

Amy and I drove up to Mt. Vernon yesterday to celebrate grandma Linda's birthdays at the beautiful tulip fields! I hadn't been to the tulip festival in 10+ years so it was a fun adventure.
Tulips are one of my favorite three flowers and are also a bit sentimental as they were the primary flower at our wedding! :)
It was a beautiful day and a great way to celebrate Linda's birthday!
Linda's dear friend, Sherri, is visiting for the week which made her birthday extra-special!
Amy is 27 weeks pregnant so it was fun to capture that belly amongst all of the tulips!
I spend so much time behind the camera so it is always special when I get to be in front of it for some shots with my girls! We may need to get Kennedy (aka squinter) some sunglasses for the summer!

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