14 October 2014

Girls Weekend in Cannon Beach

I was lucky enough to spend another amazing weekend in Cannon Beach the first weekend of October. Cannon Beach is one of my most favorite places... on earth. My mom, my Aunt Becky and their friends Denise and Judi take annual girls weekend trips together and I started joining them a few years ago. Usually we go down to California but this year Denise and Becky traveled up to Washington and drove to the Oregon Coast. I was able to convince Heidi (and by convince I mean ask her once and she immediately said YES!) to come along with me since I had to drive down a day late due to my work schedule. I picked Heidi up at 6:45 on Saturday morning and we hit the road for our three hour drive to Cannon Beach. We had so much fun ... we talked literally the entire way down there and then met up with the girls for lunch and a day of drinking and beach time :)
Love all of these ladies so much and I loved spending some one on one time with my best friend too. I am fortunate to have a lot of a-mazing women in my life and these ones are some of my absolute favorites.

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