18 May 2010

Zoo Time

We went to the zoo with Katie and her sister-in-law, Francine, on Monday. The kiddos had a great time! For someone who hated going to the zoo as a kid, I sure am enjoying it now! More than anything, it is just an excuse to get outside and do something fun with my girl. Looking forward to taking both Rachael and Kennedy to the zoo this summer.
Kennedy with the napping gorilla and jaguar
And, a few pics from our BBQ the other night. I love that my friends (and family) are having kids as well, it is so fun to watch the babes play together. Looking forward to Sarah and Heidi's babies joining the group. Kennedy's hair is finally long enough to put all of it up... she looks like such a big girl.
Kennedy and Finn (15 and 11 months)

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