08 May 2010

Lucky Girl

Kennedy is blessed with SOOO many people who love her! Two of these great people are her Uncle Harv and Auntie Amy! She has such a great time with both of them. No doubt, these two will have a great impact on her life as she grows up. I too have been blessed with wonderful aunts and uncles so I am thrilled that Kennedy will get to experience this special relationship. 

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Amy said...

What a great post! We do think our Tinker Toosies is a special little girl. I'm so glad we get to see each other so often and that our kids are the best of friends. You said it best, we are SO blessed. See you guys tomorrow! XOXO

I also LOVE the pics of you guys hiking at the falls. We really want to go with you guys the next time you go. That pic of Kennedy in her backpack all by herself is classic. I keeping looking at it and laughing! What a doll!