12 February 2012

3 and 3

Kennedy turned three this week and fittingly... she had three parties!

This was not my original plan... can I just say that? Because guess what... it was A. LOT. OF. WORK.
The original plan was to just have one party with family and friends. The problem was... we have a lot of family and friends... and by the time I knew what hit me... 22 adults and 18 CHILDREN had RSVP'd.

Sooo... I quickly changed the plan and asked my mama-friends who don't work on Fridays to bring their kiddos over for a morning "playdate-bday party" on Kennedy's actual birthday. Cue... Party #1.

Now, Party #2 came about because Sean's dad, stepmom and grandma were going to an 80th birthday party and weren't going to be able to make it to the party soooo I invited all of them over (and the Harvies) over for pizza and cake on Kennedy's birthday night. BUT, John and Patty's flight from California was delayed and they didn't make it and Sean's grandma ended up in the hospital with an ulcer so she didn't make it either. Sooo,  we ended up with a lot of pizza and a lot of cake.... and the Harvies. :)

Cue... party #3.

Party #3 went off without a hitch and it was super fun.

Ok, here are a slew of photos from the 3 party - 3rd birthday!

Party #1: the Breakfast-Playdate Party

Kennedy and her "boyfriends." When Kennedy was born, all my friends had little boys. She has a slew of future suitors. :)
From left: Ethan, Will, Kennedy, Roderick (her cousin... not a future suitor!) and Finn

Party #2: the Pizza-Cake Evening Party

And...  Party #3:

I'm thinking the 4th birthday will be a bit more low-key! Whew!
Happy birthday, baby! x0x0

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