04 February 2012

Dear Kennedy... On Your 3rd Birthday

Dear Kennedy,
This week, you turn three! Holy smokes, how did that happen?
I would write about how I want to stop time (I do!) and how I want you to stop growing (I do!) but really, ... I am happy you are three.... and not thirteen... or twenty-three. I can take three.

Because you are so. much. fun.
That is, when you are not throwing fits or insisting on your way.
But even then I enjoy you because... you've got a mind of your own baby. This is going to present challenges, and arguments along the way... no doubt. But it also means you will probably go into the world as a strong, sufficient woman. And I like a strong, sufficient woman.
You come from a long line of them.

The two's brought about some big changes. For one, you learned to talk. English. Not Kennedy-babble. People, (for the most part) can actually understand you now. I can certainly understand you and I try to come up with insightful, exciting answers to all of the questions you ask. Such as...

K: "Mom, I see the moon in the sky."
Me: "Yep, that's where it lives."
K: Why?
Me: "Because." (That's me... so exciting).
K: "Why?"
Me: "It just does." (and insightful...)
K: "Why?"
Me: "Because God made it that way." (and... spiritual).
K: "Why?"

You love a whole lot of people. And a whole lot of people love you.
When we say our nightly prayers or discuss the people you love... these are the people who usually make the list: mom, dad, Mara, Amy, Harv, Roderick, baby Kenna, grandma "Nay" (Renee) and sissy (Rachael), Papa, grandma Lann (LeeAnn), and Auntie Jeanie... oh yeah... and Max the cat. And Katie the dog. And Annabell... the other cat in your life (thanks to "Nay" for providing a few extra animals for my kids to bond with).
There are so many more but these are the ones you see the most and who seem to be so fresh in your sweet, little mind.

The two's brought about a desire for independence. You can put on your own shoes (albeit on the wrong feet), and your clothes. You can (and insist on) brushing your own teeth.

You started pre-school this year and it warms my heart to watch you confidently participate in activities and interact with other kids. I was practically bursting with pride the day you were assigned "attendance helper" and you got up and counted (with perfect 1-1 correspondence) all ten kids in your class. Everyone was impressed and though I acted non-chalant, I was one proud mama.
You are bossy and you do have trouble sharing sometimes. And you like to "mother" other kids (particularly Roderick). We are working on these social skills ... all so very typical of your age.

Like your mama, you love a good meal. And snacking. You come by it honestly.
You will move heaven and earth for a piece of chocolate or some ice cream. A sweet tooth... you do have.
You are becoming far more interested in the t.v. (which we do limit) and a few favorites are sesame street, curious george and still... the wiggles. Maybe we will try out your first movie-theatre experience soon.

You became a big sister this year and you handled amazingly well.
Every so often, you get jealous of your sister. Sometimes when I feed Mara or kiss Mara or hug Mara, I can see you watching us out of the corner of my eye. It breaks my heart a bit and I wonder what you are thinking. I hope you know how much I love you and her. I think you do.

You love your sister.
I see you cuddle her and talk to her and try to read her books. I can't wait for the day when the two of you will actually play together. She thinks you are the funniest person on earth... in her eyes, you are hot stuff. And you make her belly laugh... which is quite a feat because she doesn't think many people are very funny.

You are opinionated and headstrong and fiesty, no doubt. But you are also so very loving and empathetic and smart. Not just smart... you are bright. You watch people... and situations so intently... and I know the wheels in your brain are turning and learning. I can't wait to see where life will take you. Somewhere amazing, I know. And I am honored to watch it all happen.

So often, when I look at you, that song Here Comes the Sun plays through my mind.
You are my sunshine. You light up our house. You light up our life.

Happy 3rd birthday to my beautiful sunshine girl....
I love you.

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