04 September 2012


Kennedy has been saying all sorts of funny things lately and I want to get them documented before I, inevitably, forget them!

Upon seeing a man in a wheelchair at Target the other day, Kennedy thoughtfully stared at him for a moment and then, in her typically loud voice, said: "Mom, why is that man's butt broken?"
Cue conversation about the disabled. #oneembarassedmama.

Kennedy and I like to lay in bed at night and sing songs, say prayers, and talk.
This is one of our funny conversations:

Me: "Kennedy, I love you to the moon and back."
K: "Mom, I love you more than hair on your lip."
Me: "I love you more than all the sand on the beach."
K: "I love you more than caterpillars in the dirt."
Me: "I love you more than all the stars in the sky."
K: "I love you more than su-sa deedeeda." (Um... what? LOL).

My Aunt Jeanie is one of my favorite people and she has made an amazing effort to know my girls and be a part of their lives. When we went to Europe in May, she came and stayed at our house and took care of them for four days. Both of my girls love her to pieces. However, when she came down for Mara's baptism in June, Kennedy gave her a bit of the cold shoulder (there were tons of kids distracting her)... so when Aunt Jeanie went to say goodbye to her and asked for a kiss we about died when she said "Yeahhh (sigh)... you're a nice lady" and then begrudgingly gave her a kiss. What a goofball!

A few other things about Kennedy at this lovely age of 3 1/2:
- she loves to be outside
- she loves to check on the garden she and Sean have planted
- she is pretty equally attached to both Sean and I... we can safely say she is both a "mama's girl" and a "daddy's girl." She prefers each one of us for certain things. Me for bedtime, Sean for bath time, etc.
- she is ob-sesssed with the t.v. show Caillou. Seriously.... OBSESSED. It is the only show she cares to watch. It is about a four year old boy, his parents and his little sister. I think she loves it so much because she can really relate to the story lines. It is a super cute show but man... I am pretty sure I dream about Caillou and the theme song may haunt me forever ;)
- she can throw a temper tantrum like nobody's business
- she wants to do everything... and I mean, everything... by herself. She dresses her self (mostly), buckles herself in her car seat (mostly), pours her own juice or milk (mostly). It is the mostly's that get us in trouble... if she can't do something, her level of frustration is unbelievable and will almost always fuel a screaming, crying tantrum.

Age three is fun, challenging, heartwarming, and exhausting... all in one :)

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