01 September 2012

Road Trippin'

Last weekend, we made a quick, marathon-like trip to Montana for my cousin Bryan's wedding. We left on Thursday, got there on Friday... went to the wedding Saturday and drove home Sunday! Whew! And because my mom had knee surgery and couldn't make the wedding, we took Rachael along with us so we got to experience life with THREE kiddos! It was busy, chaotic, and completely un-relaxing but we had a GREAT time. As always, I love getting to see so much of my family! I am embarassed to say that I did not get a picture of the bride and groom... quite frankly, I am amazed that I have these few photos (most of which I did not take... thanks to my little sis who loves to snap photos!). Mara is walking now (stay tuned for a post about that!) so I pretty much never sit down... especially in public places where there are no baby gates. :)

I borrowed two DVD players for the girls on the trip... best. invention. EVER. 

 Cousins! Slightly confusing to explain how they are my cousins but they are! 

These three cousins are not as confusing... they are just simply my first cousins... love these ladies... we called ourselves the "four musketeers" growing up. We try to get a photo every time we see each other :) Love you Heidi, Mar and Rach. 

 Cousin Arielle and Kennedy... best buds! 

the main ladies of the family (minus my mama!)

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