18 July 2014

Whidbey Island Visit

My cousin Reed, his wife Lisi, and their son Drew are spending the month of July on Whidbey Island at Lisi's family home. They invited us up to visit for the day and we had such a great time. I had only been to Whidbey once before and it was years ago. What a beautiful place! We had a great time hanging on the beach and catching up. Reed is one of my favorite cousins and it was great to see him and his cute family before they move Utah in August. Plus it was fun for our little family to get up early and ride the ferry from Mukilteo. The girls got an ice cream cone and on our way home, we stopped for fish and chips. It was a good day. And good days are worth a whole lot these days.


I think this guy might be getting even more handsome with age!!


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