26 November 2014

Happy 36th Sean!

You know you are 36 when there is only one photo documenting your birthday and it's not even of you....
but of your kids' picture to you.
I can't believe he is 36.
Seems like just yesterday that we were flirting and exchanging phone numbers at a college house party over a few too many PBR's on his 23rd birthday. I was 19 and a sophomore. He was a few weeks from graduating. A few days after that party, we went on our first official date.
And quite literally, we've been together ever since.

On his 23rd birthday, I thought he was cute and funny and I really liked him.
On his 36th birthday, I still think he is cute and funny but oh how I love him.
We have come a long way since celebrating birthdays over a keg at house parties.
Okay maybe not that far.
We now celebrate birthdays at the Outback eating bloomin' onions and coloring the kids' menu with the girls.
And you know what.. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Happy to still be spending birthdays with this guy. 36 looks great on him.
Looking forward to so many more.

P.s. We were so happy Kennedy chose to write "Kennedy M"... we may not have known who she was otherwise :)

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