03 September 2015

First Grade Bound!

Kennedy started first grade this week! She was excited and nervous all at once and after a few nervous tears at drop off, she had a great first day! 

Comments after school on the first day:

- "Mrs. McKinley is nice. A lot nicer than I thought she was going to be."
- "MOM... I cannot believe I am in first grade. Like, I can't believe it. All day I just couldn't believe it."
- "Everyone loved my backpack. I even saw a few kids staring at it."

Man, I love this kid. She makes me want to pull. my. hair. out. on a regular basis because she is so, SO dramatic (is this a girl thing or a kennedy thing - not sure yet) but I truly love her to pieces and just as often as she drives me crazy, she makes me laugh.

Hoping for an awesome first grade year for our girl!
P.s. I calculated that she will graduate from high school in 2027 (yowza!) and she tells me she wants to be a doctor when she grows up (or a tattoo artist... hmmm... decisions, decisions).

1 comment:

Kate said...

I laughed out loud at your "decisions, decisions" comment. I'm not sure they have a "tattoo artist" major at Harvard...!!