24 September 2015

Labor Day Weekend at the Island

We snuck away for a quiet family weekend at Anderson Island over Labor Day weekend. 
We are trying to make an effort to go to the island more often as we are so lucky to have it in the family! It was a hiking, woods-exploring, campfire-making, beach-combing, movie-watching, over-eating kind of weekend (the best kind, really!). 

Love this little fam bam of mine. 

My twins. Born 6 years apart. Genes are crazy.
We have a blast with Cooper at the Island. 
He loves it there and the girls love to roam and romp around with him. 
Dogs are a lot of work but for us, he is oh so worth it. He's been a great addition to our family and has such a great disposition and endless patience with the girls. 

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