07 November 2015

Halloween Season 2015

Halloween is just so fun with little kids! 
Kennedy dressed up as Cleopatra, Mara as Cindrella and Aiden as Tigger. 
Lovin' these three so, SO much. 

Blonde Mara cracks me up :)

We spent Halloween Day at a very rainy soccer game (Kennedy's) and then we went to the preschool harvest party which is always really fun for the kids. 

Halloween night was spent with neighbors and family eating pizza and trick or treating our neighborhood (somewhat briefly as it started pouring down rain!). I didn't take many pictures. :(

My mom and my Aunt Sharon (visiting from MT). 

My cousin Seth and his wife Erin... such a fun couple! 

 Halloween Loot. 

And a few pumpkin carving photos from the week before Halloween. I don't love pumpkin carving - it falls in the "mommy sacrifice" category for me. It's messy and someone always ends up frustrated and in time out (ahemm... Kennedy) or dropping an F-bomb or two (ahem... Sean... ok maybe it was me).  But in the end, the pumpkins always turn out cute and the roasted seeds are the best (along with a cold beer). 

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