29 November 2015

The Perfect Tree.

In keeping with tradition, we set out on our annual post-Thanksgiving tree hunt the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We went to our favorite place, Snowshoe Farms, in Orting.

We had a big group with us this year and some of our most favorite families! It's a fun tradition for everyone and even though it was a chilly day this year, we had a great time. As it turns out, 2015 is the year of our perfect tree. We ended up getting a 10 ft tree and it is just PERFECT... perfectly shaped, perfectly fitting in our living room, and perfectly fragrant. We can't stop staring at it! 

Now... DECORATING our perfect tree was not that perfect (tired, frustrated parents + whiny kids = decorating fail) but oh well...we got it done with only a few tears and a few time-outs...  you win some, you lose some, right?!?! :)

Our perfect tree! 

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