09 December 2015

The Yellow Mustaches... errr MUSTANGS.

Kennedy played her first season of soccer this past fall and it was a great experience for her! She made HUGE strides over the course of just eight weeks and by the last game she scored three goals! She spent the first few weeks of practice thinking her team was named the "yellow mustaches" which completely confused me (and made me laugh every time she said it ). I was happy to learn they were in fact named the yellow MUSTANGS.

I was actually really proud to watch her play. She started the season with absolutely no idea how the game was played but every single game she just ran her little tail off and tried SO hard. It made me teary every time to see our girl taking it seriously and putting in her VERY best effort.

In addition to learning some basic soccer skills, she had a lot of fun with the other girls on the team. We were lucky to get on a team with a GREAT coach, great girls and great parents... it was fun for all! I am looking forward to having her play again in the spring!

the yellow mustangs and Coach Wayne 
Our girl going after it! 

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